About Us

Travelling Souls Panama came together as an initiative by a group of young tourism enthusiasts.

It was born from the collaboration of young Panamanian entrepreneurs who love adventure. All had very different backgrounds, but shared the same passion for traveling and nature. They decided to join together to share the riches that Panama offers to the world.

We are Traveling Souls Panama, an alternative adventure tourism agency in Panama. Our goal is to provide quality adventure tourism services. Our services are focused on experience, safety and working with local communities. We strive to offer you the best adventures in nature, so that your experience with us is unique, personal and unforgettable.

What is "Inspiring Travel Stories"?

We inspire to create stories. We want to encourage you to live experiences that leave you breathless. We seek to inspire you to live adventures and become part of our history, so that later you can inspire new souls to travel.

Our Philosophy

The journey matters as much as the destination.

We work hard to be able to offer unique and immersive adventures, far from the typical and traditional routes.
We want you to feel part of the adventure. Traveling with us feels like family. The tours we offer are based on small groups in order to connect with each one of you and provide a unique and unforgettable experience.
Through each of our adventures, we always choose to work with local communities, to support them and help their development and autonomy. In addition, each year we organize events to raise funds and offer donations for indigenous communities in Panama.
Be part of our group of traveling souls, be part of Traveling Souls Panama.

“Inspiring Travel Stories.”

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